We are located in the heart of the Kalymnos’s tourist area, Massouri. In the immediate area of Masouri, wonderful restaurants featuring traditional Kalymnian cuisine, fresh fish, bars, clubs and night clubs can be enjoyed. Within walking distance from our hotel car, scooters and motor bikes are available for renting. For climbing enthusiasts, our rooms are but a heartbeat away from the climbing ranges. Surrounding islands such as: Pserimos, Kos, Leros, Patmos, Lipsi and Astypalia are easily accessible and can be visited with departures from Massouri.

Below, view the distance from our hotel to the most essential points of interest.

Point of interest Distance
An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) 50 meters
Airport 4 kilometers
Massouri beach 40 meters
Bus stop 40 meters
Main town (Pothia) 8 kilometers
Main harbour (Pothia) 8.5 kilometers
Mini market 30 meters
Nearest village (Myrties) 800 meters
Restaurant 10 meters
Diving center at Therma 9 kilometers
The sea 35 meters
Water sports/activities centre 200 meters
Windsurfing club (Massouri) 200 meters

We encourage you to come and enjoy Kalymnos’s warm hospitality.

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